About Us

Luxus USA

Welcome to Luxus Accessories Jewelry Miami. Luxus Accessories Miami, a Multi National Company, Family owned and has operated for over 20 Years, with world wide distribution in over 4 continents.

Originated in Brazil, all our merchandise is bathed in 18K Gold: every single piece is carefully shaped containg 3 - layers of real gold for awesome coverage.

As the premier manufacturer of 18k gold layered jewelry, generation to generation family members have passed on the experience that has made and maintains Luxus as the premier name in gold layer manufacturing and distribution arund the World.

We are very proud to offer the finest collection of semi-precious manufactured to perfection through innovative design, di unmatched quality.

Across high quality products and competitive prices, our company has conquered this fascinating market with honesty & loyalty always doing the best to make our customers satisfied.

We always offer our customers the best possible options so that they grow with us. You are also welcome to our Luxus Accessories Family!